The Challenges

Before you earn your place on the Global Leaderboard you will have to master the challenges one by one.

Each Challenge is worth 10 points, highlighting that no one skill is more important than any other and a great bartender is one who can master them all.

  • Challenge 1: The Knowledge Round

    A test of bar industry know-how

    A quiz made up of 5 rounds with 10 questions in each round:

    The Intro Round – Testing your knowledge on all things Monkey Shoulder and William Grant & Sons.

    The History Round – Testing your knowledge of famous Bars, Cocktails and Products.

    The Topical Round – A picture round testing your knowledge on the who and the what of the bar world of today.

    The Mixiodic Round – Testing your classic cocktail knowledge using the Mixiodic table of ingredients. Click here to download a copy of the Mixiodic Table.

    The Hard-Core Round – Aimed to really test your knowledge and sort the pros from the part timers.

    Each correct answer is worth 0.2 marks for a maximum score of 10 points for this challenge. Get Studying folks!!!

  • Challenge 2: Pouring

    A measure of speed and accuracy

    • You must pour out the exact amount of liquid indicated on each of the ten shakers supplied
    • It is a FREE POUR challenge: the use of jiggers or any other measuring device is strictly prohibited
    • A 1ml variance either way will be allowed for each pour
    • You will have three minutes to complete the challenge for a total of ten points
    • Just like on shift, there’ll be an area for you to practice before you take the final test
  • Challenge 3: Nosing

    Testing your sense of smell and memory

    • 30ml of different alcohols are poured into ten numbered black tasting glasses
    • You will have three minutes to nose all ten glasses and identify what’s inside
    • No tasting is allowed – you will be disqualified
    • Every ‘category’ identified earns half a point, with another half point for identifying the brand name too so, for example, you need to name both ‘whisky’ and ‘Monkey Shoulder’ for a full point
  • Challenge 4: GP Round

    Challenging your financial knowledge

    • Your head bartender emails you the new bar menu and drink specs just before a busy weekend but he has not shared any of the prices for the till!
    • You know the bar owner is VERY strict on a minimum of 75% GP on ALL drinks, and also likes to know the profit per drink information for menu analytics
    • You have 15 minutes to work out the minimum drink sale price based on 75% mark-up & the total drink profit in £
    • The drinks ingredients and the retail prices are provided
    • A total of 14 points is up for grabs in this challenge, awarded as follows:
      • One point for ALL correct ingredient costs provided (rounded up to closest 0.1)
      • Half a point for each correct Total Sale Price at 75% GP
      • Half a point for each correct Total Drink Profit


    • To work out the Ingredient cost; Divide the £ cost by the Size and multiply by the Measure
    • Cost of Goods is all of the ingredients costs added together
    • To work out the Cost of Goods as 25% and GP at 75%, multiply the Cost of Goods by 4
    • The total drink profit is the Total Sale Price minus the Cost of Goods
  • Challenge 5: Tray Service

    Establishing a clear standard of service

    • Six coasters will be placed around a table, each with a picture of a well-known person on
    • To take their order you must turn over the coaster to reveal what drink they would like
    • Take the ladies’ orders first and then the men’s before heading to the bar to collect the drinks
    • The coasters are turned back over to the picture and you must serve the correct drink to the right person, serving ladies first
    • You have a total of 5 minutes to complete this challenge
    • There’s a total of 10 points available:
      • One point for each correct drink served
      • One point for not writing down the order
      • One point for taking AND serving ladies first
      • One point for finishing within the allotted time
      • One point for returning the glasses after the challenge
  • Final Challenge: Round Building

    Drink creation against the clock

    • Only the contestants with the three highest scores from the previous five challenges will make it through to this challenge

    The challenge

    • Following the specs on the drinks list, you must make eight perfect drinks in four minutes
    • Before the round starts, you will have five minutes to set up your station with the ingredients, glasses and garnishes you think you’ll need
    • Half a point is awarded for each servable drink. By servable we mean; would you as a bartender, pay for it on a busy Friday night? Is it filled to the right level and does it look and taste like the drink ordered?
    • Bonus points will be awarded for keeping the station tidy as well as cleaning and replacing equipment as you build the round:
      • One point for a clean station
      • One point for clean and returned equipment
    • The fastest time will then receive two points, second fastest one point and third fastest gets nothing!
    • Keep your eyes on the Lazy Old Fashioned!

    Click here to download the drinks list

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