The Challenges

Before you earn the recognition, you’ll have to master all challenges one by one.

  • Challenge 1: The Knowledge Round

    We are going to ask you 100 multiple-choice questions, drawing on bartending and liquor industry knowledge. Each question is worth 1 point. We then divide your score by 100. So, if you get 58 out of 100 you get 5.8 points. Oh, and we ask them really fast, because in this quiz, just like when you are on shift, there is no time for Google.

    Want to score big? We recommend a little library-time with these tomes: The Ultimate Bar Book by Andre Domine and Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold.

  • Challenge 2: The Mixiodic Table

    We will give you 20 recipes built using elements from the Mixiodic Table. You will have 2 minutes to decode the ingredients and provide the proper cocktail name. Each correct name earns you half a point so 20 accurate answers awards 10 points. Click here to download a copy of the Mixiodic Table… you may want to familiarize yourself with this one in advance.

  • Challenge 3: Pouring

    The task is to pour ten precise measures into ten cocktail shakers. You will have 95 seconds to do it and each correct measure gets one point. You can free pour or use your own jigger, but be aware that equipment can be as much a hindrance as a help when it comes to speed & accuracy. #BYOJ

  • Challenge 4: Nosing

    This round tests your sense of smell. Nose goes to whoever’s proboscis can identify 10 various spirits and liqueurs from black tasting glasses. You will be given 2 minutes to blind nose all liquids and guess the contents. You will get half a point if you name the category and half a point if you name the brand. A total of 10 points is up for grabs.

  • Challenge 5: Stock Take

    The better you can stock take, the earlier you can close up and go home. You will be shown 10 spirits bottles each containing differing amounts of liquid to represent a real stock count. You will have 10 minutes to establish how much is left (to one decimal point) and use the provided wholesale equation to work out the value of the holding stock. One point will be awarded for each correct answer, for a maximum of ten.

  • Challenge 6: Tray Service

    This round is about establishing a clear standard of service. 10 coasters will be placed on a table, each picturing a recognized man or woman (pink for the ladies and blue for the boys). Chivalry is not dead! Take the ladies’ orders first (clockwise) and then the men’s via turning over the coaster to reveal their desired drink. Proceed to the bar to collect the drinks, meanwhile the coasters are turned over again and you must serve the correct drink to the right person - and don’t forget, ladies first! You will have a total of 5 minutes for this challenge, with 10 total points available. Points will be deducted for poor time management and incorrectly placed drinks.

  • Challenge 7: Round Building

    Alas, the final challenge where only the top 3 contestants will make it to this ultimate test. In this timed round you must craft a mélange of 8 cocktails, and they all best be delicious. The host will announce the cocktails a maximum of 3 times, then it’s down to business. You will have 2 minutes of prep time, followed by 5 minutes to shake and stir all 8 cocktails, and lastly 2 minutes and 15 seconds to serve all the drinks correctly (including garnish and napkin). 15 seconds will be added to your time for each drink that is wrongly constructed, missing ingredients, improperly served, or deemed unworthy by decision of your fellow bartenders. The fastest time wins, and claims the bragging rights for their hometown.

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